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Where Are All You Non-Compliant People Now?

What if we used a lost art called “logic” to determine what we choose to believe??

What if this wasn’t about which party was in office or which guy you voted for and put your identity behind?

What if it wasn't about any of that BS at all?

Instead it was about the human experience. Instead it was about right and wrong.

This is a pleasant fiction. Let's roll with it.

What if in this past election Trump won in a manner that seemed impossible to any who were willing to look at it? What if last year he had possibly stolen the election from Obama? What would you have done? What would you be doing now? Would you be blindly following mandates that are clearly not in support of your health? Would you be supporting an agenda that clearly is not in our best interest individually or collectively? Would you subject yourself to being a guinea pig for the profit of big pharma? Would you subject your kiddos to the same level of insanity and borderline abuse?


Would you throw tantrums, riot, and block off highways cuz your guy didn’t win? (Btw, that already happened when “your pick” didn’t win) and that was all before our way of life was completely thrown on its head and disassembled.

Where are all of you non-compliant people now?

All I see is a country full of the same people willing to block highways, throw tantrums, not show up to work and run around crying, screaming and yelling “not my president” for the world to hear. Those same, insatiably, uncompliant people who are now willfully submitting to mandates that have shown over and over again to not have our best interests at heart; Championing a cause that is destroying what was once perceived to be the best country in the world while actively handing in our constitutional freedoms that made it that way.

I leave you with this to think about…

If it were Trump not Biden issuing these mandates - Wiping his ass with the constitution with our rights and with our freedoms, if Trump was removing your ability to decide what we do and do not put into our bodies and even worse our children’s bodies…

How would you feel?

How mindlessly compliant would you be?

How willing would you be to test pharmaceuticals on your children?

How willing would you be to completely ignore your own health and have unhealthy people tell you how to be healthy?

How willing would you be to abdicate your role as a parent to the government?

How would you respond to all of the insanity that is currently around us?

Something to think about indeed!

What if this division is intentional?

What if they are playing chess while you’re playing checkers?

What if they realized a long time ago that if we’re fighting each other we are easier to conquer?

What would happen, if instead, we were unified as a people and were fighting with a cohesive goal of a better country, a better world, a better human existence?

Now that is a narrative I could get behind!

- Justin from Stronger Than Yesterday

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