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Are You Playing Russian Roulette With Your Life?

I find it interesting🧐

Not that some of us stand on different sides, not that we have different views or opinions - I find it interesting how much can be overlooked when one chooses to dig their heels into the sand, how much common sense can be lost when we champion a cause that is not our own.

I have approached these past 18 months quite differently than a lot of you. At first I was cautious, because damn, this shit seemed scary. That lasted about a week and a half. Then, I looked at what was happening and who it was happening to - the elderly, the obese, those with multiple comorbidities, basically those who are already at higher risk for every other thing that can effect your health. Well, I fell into none of those categories.

Why is that?

Well it's because I look at health very differently than the vast majority of you reading this.

Most of you are still stuck in the “how do I lose a few lbs” game, the “how do I look good so I can feel good about myself because my self esteem is shot to shit” game.

I get it. That’s where most of us start, but the problem is most never make it past that first step and let’s be honest, with the exponentially expansive obesity rates, most are failing at it miserably. Let’s not get into who’s fault it is right now, let’s just acknowledge something is very very wrong.

Let’s take a trip back in time about 5 years ago, when I learned that we have significantly more control over our health and biology than we are lead to believe. So I began a quest to see just what that could mean for me; A quest to heal myself on a cellular level. When I began this quest, this journey, I was in a really broken and dark place barely able to make it through the basic day to day functions of life. I had a shut down brain and an almost non-existent immune system. I slept like shit, had no energy and was unable to recover physically from a simple shift at work. I looked up one day and said to myself,

"holy shit, is this what my life is going to be like? Is this who I am? Is this my future?"

Then I heard someone speak who had some radical information that challenged everything I had ever known. It was in such contradiction to what is common knowledge, most would just dismiss it as crazy shit. Well I didn’t and the information I heard transcended all that I had been taught before (keep in mind, I was a certified nutritionist at that time). In that moment, the common sense section of my brain woke the fuck up.

What am I hearing?

Why does it challenge everything I’ve ever been taught?

And more importantly, why does it ring so true deep inside of me like a fire inside my belly, inside my soul?

This is the place where that little thing called a 'gut instinct' exists.

I have always been one to listen to my gut over all else. I’ve always called them epiphanies. Those moments where something inside is telling us something profound. I feel like we are taught not to listen to those instincts, rather to listen to our heads instead. I’ve always been a bit different than those around me where I’ve always let my gut guide me over my head. Almost every big life altering decision I’ve made that has been led by my gut not my head, has led me down a path truer to who I am than I have ever achieved before.

So when I heard this info, I did not discard it, I listened. I had a new mission with new hope - to heal myself from within, all the way down to a cellular level.

So what happened?

I changed all of my habits, removed the things harming my body on a biological level and began putting in the good. In a matter of weeks, I went from a state of decay to regeneration. I went from being broken and sick to strong and resilient. I began sleeping better, thinking better and living better. I found that the deeper down the rabbit hole I went, the more profound the changes became. I went from 6 meals a day to 2. I went from eating all the damn time to not needing to. I went from an entire life of feeling starving no matter how much I eat, to eating for purpose and feeling satisfied the rest of the the time. I went from empty foods that taste good but offer my body no nutritional value, to foods that tasted even better and filled my body with vibrant life. I was now interacting with my body in a way I had never done before and finally, I gained direct control over almost every aspect of my health and life. I was in the driver's seat for the very first time.

Now back to the present.

I do not fear this as some of you do. I don't run around in fear of anything especially health wise because I am healthier than I was a decade ago, healthier than I was a month ago, healthier than I was a week ago and healthier than I was a yesterday (That sounds eerily like living Stronger Than Yesterday😜). My body breaks less, heals faster and so far has shown me no signs of a limit to where I can take this. This is not because I’m special or genetically gifted. This is because I choose with fierce and unrelenting intention to take back control over my life and my health. I fought, I clawed and I sacrificed to regain my health.

So when anyone, politician or other, who is clearly not healthy themselves tries to dictate how I care for my own health (while at the exact same time restricting most peoples means and access to health) - I have a big fucking problem.

When these same people tell me the only way I can save myself and others is to stick some shit in my arm that has absolutely no long term research and has absolutely no upside for a cellularly healthy individual, I tend not to take these individuals at face value. Instead, I refer directly to common sense. Sprinkle in a bit of uncommon knowledge, a dash of real world experience and proceed from there.

So while some of you have been hiding indoors, restricting your oxygen intake with masks and playing Russian Roulette with your health...

I have been outside in the elements - spending as much time as I can in the sun with my shoes off, strengthening my body's connection to the Earth.

I’ve been busy - getting dirty, getting hurt, gettin better, getting stronger.

I've been fasting - Feasting and putting oodles of powerful nutrients into my body (scientific term lol).

I’ve been out in the world - talking face to face with people, shaking hands and hugging humans.

I’ve spent the past 18 months becoming more resilient, intelligent, skilled. More evolved and harder to kill.

So when I hear things like, "I need to do it for 'YOUR' safety"…

First I lol, then I say, "Fuck You", then I feel bad you think that way and hope that maybe, just maybe something I say will cause you to ask why and to think for yourself and just perhaps give you the ability to have not only a modicum of understanding but also control over your own health.

Stop passing the buck on to others, take responsibility for your damn self and live stronger than yesterday.

- J from Stronger Than Yesterday

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