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How Many Types Of People Do You See At The Gym?

Ok, here's the deal...

It's really cool to see that a lot of people are starting to take their health seriously. Whether it's CrossFit, HIIT, Yoga, Weightlifting, Strength Training- the gym is no longer the hangout for just iron addicts. Now the gym is a plethora of people and personalities. And that’s awesome, because it means health and fitness is becoming more and more mainstream. So what happens when you throw it all together in a gym? No matter the personalities and goals, everyone in the gym has one thing in common: They’re there to be stronger than yesterday (shameless plug)  and they’re there to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. The gym is an awesome place for people-watching and sometimes it’s hard to not sit and stare, but no matter how intense or ridiculous their workouts look the one thing remains: THEY SHOWED UP and they’re doing what works for them. Remember: No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch. Let us know if you’ve run into any of these peeps at your local gym 😆


Record it or it didn't happen! Recording workouts has become increasingly popular due to social media. Although this may seem annoying, particularly if you’re awkwardly in the background doing squats, these videos can actually do a lot of good in shoring up sloppy form and preventing injury. Consider them like Monday-morning football players. How can you get better if you don’t watch and learn from your mistakes?


Having this determined athlete in the gym can serve as some serious motivation. The gym is his church, and he takes his workouts and nutrition very seriously, which is obvious from his lean appearance. He’s usually lugging around a gallon of water and wearing clothes that show off that hard-earned body.


Once their headphones are on, don't get in their way! The rest of the world ceases to exist, and it’s down to business. They’re in the zone, and their music is going to motivate them. They lip-sync and head-bop throughout their entire workout.


Yes, technically they’re two people, but in the gym they operate as a single unit. And they’re all about #relationshipgoals. Fit couples share a common bond of working out. They do everything together already, so why wouldn’t they hit the gym together too? It’s very unlikely you’ll ever spot these two without their partner in crime. They may be powerful individuals, but they’re stronger together.


This is the girl over at the squat rack who knows that lifting heavy weights won’t make her “manly.” She’s on a mission to reach her goals, and no one can stop her. Her self-confidence sometimes makes her an intimidating gymgoer, but, we promise, she’s a lot nicer than her resting gym face. (Just don’t interrupt her sets.)


This person puts more workout in their thumbs than they do in their workouts. But you can bet they do more than just text. They’re hopping onto the inter-webs, listening to some hardcore gangster rap and checking sports scores faster than you can finish your set of squats. Can you blame them? It’s easy to get sidetracked, and, honestly, sometimes people need the distraction to get through their workout.


Selfie first, workout later. You may awkwardly walk in on their #gainzzz locker-room photo shoot or find them in the corner where everyone knows the lighting is just right to highlight those muscles. Can’t really hate though! Their social media may be making them money! But let’s keep it at a minimum peeps.


The louder they are, the more they can lift - and crushing kilos is their thing! These iron addicts never go unnoticed. And although it can be distracting, but it’s just their way of getting the most out of their workout. Plus, if you ever run out of gas, they’ll be the one who’ll gladly push your car to the nearest gas station.


The is the definition of glam. Her makeup and hair are always done, and not a glimmer of sweat in sight. Maybe she was born with it, or maybe it’s just the new highlighter she just bought. Just like some people love wearing new workout clothes to boost their spirits a little and motivate them to get to the gym, this girl loves looking her best no matter where she's at. Look good, feel good!


Lights are on, nobody's home! They forgot to re-rack the weights or left the foam roller in the middle of the floor. It’s ok, sometimes it’s hard to get in the right frame of mind to workout, but you gotta give these folks props for showing up anyway!


With all these new types of people at the gym, it’s almost like gyms are the new coffee shops — the perfect place to see and be seen. We’re all guilty of this one way or another, but this gym goer finds plenty of entertainment by people watching. Eyeballs need workouts too!


From head to toe, this person’s gym swag is on point. They live and breathe today's latest trends. They own the latest Nikes, the freshest gym gear and the newest pair of bluetooth headphones. BUT... a new outfit is sometimes just what we need to get our asses back into the gym, especially if you’ve recently lost weight and your old workout clothes just don’t fit anymore. 


Does he work at the gym? Nope. He just introduces himself to everyone. Meet him once, and he’ll act like he’s known you for years. You can find him shooting the sh*t with other members, gym employees and trainers before, during and after his workouts. A solid day at the gym for this gym goer lasts about 3-4hrs. He’s quite flirty and somehow always has more than just fitness to talk about.


These are the awesome mamas that chat in the locker room and work out as a group. They share the latest baby tips and discuss which HIIT class they want to hit up next. You can find them side by side in yoga class with their coordinating lululemons or circled up for a post-workout selfie. Being a mama is a lot of work in itself, so props to these women for making health and strength a priority in their life! 


Which gym stereotype are you? Which personalities do you observe at your gym? Which personality makes you giggle? Remember, this isn’t to shame anyone. This is to celebrate the different personalities that come together for a common purpose - FITNESS and WELLNESS.

We love each and every one of these unique personalities because without them, let’s face it -

the gym would be a boring place!

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