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Healthy Ass Stew

To us, food is a celebration of life! Not a punishment for living it.

Food is our nourishment, our doctor, our weightloss center and therapist all wrapped up into one beautiful package. It is the very thing that gives us the energy to enjoy this beautiful life.

Here at Stronger Than Yesterday- NUTRITION is our secret weapon. It allows us to access the pieces within that make us the version of ourselves that we are in love with and not in the 'vanity' sense. The version of us we feel is the best version, the version we're the most proud of. We feel better, have more energy, think better, and make better choices. And for us - it is the hidden key to our success, the one piece that eluded us for so long. It is the piece of the puzzle that supercharges us more than anything else and damn near drop kicks us into our rhythm, our "Flow" state.

When we're in our rhythm, there is nothing in this fucking world that can stop us. We become an unstoppable force and at the very center of that rhythm is our nutrition, our foundation and when it is strong, WE are strong.

Things to take note:

✔️ When our nutrition is dailed in, WE are dialed in. ✔️ When we eat smart, WE are smart. ✔️ When we eat for health.... WE have everything!

And when we hit that rhythm- watch out! Every cell in our body is alive because we have given it what it needs to not merely survive but truly THRIVE. This is when you hit that 'flow' state and you feel like you are capable of anything.... Because you are!

For so many, it has instead taken hold as this tyrannical villain that cripples you and becomes the very thing holding you back from achieving your own version of greatness.

We say F$#K that! It has no power over you! You are the one in charge! You control your destiny! You can make a change right now!

Start eating for your health and everything will fall in line.

Start simple and if the "expert" you follow says "lean meats" and "low fat everything is the key to your health"... Then kick them in their preverbal nuts and get away as quick as you can, because that's simply NOT true and they have you operating off of bad information 😂 Long story short - low fat foods leave you deprived of important nutrients and energy. So be sure to incorporate high-quality fatty meats in your diet. (Oh yeah, they taste a hell of a lot better too 😉)

If you're not taking care of your body no one else is going to do it for you. EAT TO HEAL not to destroy and you will be amazed at what incredible things you are capable of.


✔️ Go for quality and nutrient density ✔️ Eat fresh, whole, real foods

And lets get back to living a better human existence!

Check out one of our favorite crockpot recipes above that'll knock your socks off. Try it and let us know how it turned out!

Cheers to better health and even better human existence.

Crys from The STY Team

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