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Getting Ready For The Holidays

I absolutely love this time of year!

The past 72 hrs have seemed like one big, long continuous blur. Getting ready for Stronger Than Yesterday's Black Friday event, which is of course one of the biggest sales we do every year, months of preparation comes down to the last days right before the event.

For me these are the times I live for, when you're down to the wire and the stakes are highest. It's where I tap into what I call "the reserve" and it is something I've only ever been able to access at the times when the stakes are the highest. I've always felt the most alive in these moments. The moments which make most crumble, are the moments where I thrive the most. It is that heightened state of things that allows everything but the moment, and the task at hand to fade away. The noise quiets, the fog lifts and the world slows down around you. It is in those moments where I feel a connection to myself that I call- The Reserve. This is a place for me where my mind, body and soul connection are running in harmony; and when they hit that level of synchronicity, it feels as though you are capable of anything. Because you are!

This time of year is a blast for me because I wear one of my many hats as an entrepreneur. The coach takes a momentary back seat to the CEO. The days get earlier and the nights get longer. Takes me back to when we first started the company.

So after being on lockdown for the past week and disappearing from the world, this morning we got up early to hit up the mountains for a hike to get all of this coiled up energy out and let it loose. Between Crys, the dogs and myself, the amount of energy that has built up in the office could have taken out a city block 😬. So we got up early bundled up, and headed out. It was cold and beautiful and the air was pure (reminded me of the crisp clean air back in Colorado). It was the first morning where it was cold enough to warrant really bundling up.

Now on top of needing to get the hell out of the office, this one was especially fun for me because I got to do one of my favorite parts of this job...product testing! One of the big reasons the quality of our gear is so high, is that I am insanely compulsive about the quality of clothing that I put on my own body. So of course I can allow nothing less for you, the incredible people who proudly wear our gear and make this brand what it is.🤷🏻‍♂️ 😉

So today I put our newest addition to the family through the wringer. This is our first heavyweight hoodie. With myself being a freak about comfort and after the incredible hoodies we've been bringing to you all of these years, there was absolutely no way that I could just let any big, heavy, boxy-ass pos into the lineup; which presents quite a predicament because truly nailing a hoodie and making it something that you reach for every day, year over year, is not the easiest task.

So why this one? Well this is the hoodie I dreamed of as a young man growing up in Colorado spending my days up on the slopes of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. A hoodie worthy of my mountainous roots. So how do we accomplish that? Well It's kind of like all of your favorite hoodies put together into one masterpiece. With all of the important details and none of the needless ones. You do that with premium, specialty yarns and trims. With meticulous attention to the detail of the way the fabric is knit, dyed, cut, and sewn.

Wow. I get a little too excited talking about this 😳.

Now when you craft something of this nature, you do your due diligence, and for me the very last piece is the final performance test, and so off we went... And Holy S#^t, it did not disappoint. It to me, has the perfect blend of weight to warmth to fit. I have been catching myself trying to find excuses to wear this this everywhere I go all week 😂 and after passing todays test with flying colors it's only going to get worse.

With the holidays in full effect and the stress levels turned up a couple of notches, don't forget to get out, get away from it all and reset. Get out and breathe in the fresh air, get the sunlight on your skin, get your body moving and cleanse your soul. Most importantly keep striving to live everyday stronger than the one before. Take a mental inventory of all the great memories you've had thus far and lastly, take a moment to realize the goodness this life has to offer - because life is really that good 😎Keep living stronger than yesterday.

- Coach J

Grab your 'Range' hoodie here:…/range-premium-heavy…

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